Community Snapshot

    • Population: 36,592
    • Labor Force: 16,849
    • Number of Households: 11,626
    • Median Home Value: $221,446
    • Median Household Income: $66,203
    • Median Disposable Income: $52,935
    • Per Capita Income: $26,880
    • Median Age: 33.3
    • Diversity Index: 69%
    • HS+ Graduate Rate: 82%
    • Sales Tax Rate: 3.75%
    • Town Mill Levy Rate: 6.650
    • Unemployment Rate: 2.7%

“What we value today is what we become tomorrow”


On the northern edge of the Denver Metro Area, adjacent to Interstate 76, ExpressToll Highway 470, and Interstate 25.




Major Highway Access

South Weld County

With a population estimated to reach 82,435 by 2020, the southern region of Weld County has experienced some of its fastest growth recently. Offering an attractive small town/rural quality of life with abundant new homes, excellent schools, and majestic mountain views, the region is strategically located just north of metro Denver and east of Boulder, which has fueled booming residential growth. With 23,764 households who have an average median disposable income of $55,028, the region is poised to see continued growth. The average median household income is $68,011, the average median home value is $243,539, and the subregion offers a wide range of educational opportunities, sport venues, and recreation. Commercial and industrial sites are available, and large tracts of undeveloped land provide opportunity for future growth. East/west access is provided by Colorado Highway 52, which connects to Interstate 76 and Interstate 25. North/south access is provided by Interstate 25 and U.S. Highway 85, which connects to Interstate 70 in Denver and Interstate 80 in Wyoming. Denver International Airport is 20-30 minutes away.

Population 25+ by Educational Attainment, 2015
Total 22,060
   Less than 9th Grade 7.6%
   9th-12th Grade, No Diploma 10.4%
   High School Graduate 30.1%
   Some College, No Degree 26.0%
   Associate Degree 7.6%
   Bachelor’s Degree 12.9%
   Graduate/Professional Degree 5.4%
Community College Enrollment
   Aims Community College
        All Campus Locations 5,001
   Front Range Community College
        Boulder County Campus 3,736
        Larimer County Campus 8,061
University Enrollment
   University of Northern Colorado 12,216
   University of Colorado Boulder 32,775
   Colorado State University 32,236

27J School District Data- Enrollment by School: 2015-2016
Elementary Schools
   Henderson Elementary 505
   Mary E. Pennock Elementary 605
   North Elementary 410
   Northeast Elementary 612
   South Elementary 487
   Southeast Elementary 541
Middle Schools 505
   Overland Trail Middle School 629
   Prairie View Middle School 807
   Vikan Middle School 592
K-8 Schools
   Bromley East Charter 970
   Foundations Academy 751
High Schools
   Bolt Academy  64
   Brighton Heritage Academy  727
   Brighton High School  1,786
   Eagle Ridge Academy  1,907
   Prairie View High School  1,907
Average Teacher Salary, Fall 2015 $46,886.32
Average Student/Teacher Ratio 18.8/1

Key Residential Subdivisions/Home Builders

Median Home Value



Key Retailers

Key Traffic Counts

Unique Needs/Opportunities

It is the Brighton EDC’s vision to retain sustainable economic vitality in a competitive regional market, but also to achieve new economic growth to meet the future needs of both residents and businesses.

For additional information, contact:

Brighton Economic Development Corporation
Michael Martinez
Executive Director