Community Snapshot

  • Population: 20,910
  • Number of Households: 6,917
  • Median Household Income: $51,974
  • Per Capita Income: $21,100
  • Diversity Index: 72
  • Sales Tax Rate: 3.0%
  • Unemployment Rate: 3.2%
  • Median Home Value: $166,314
  • Median Disposable Income: $41,842
  • Median Age: 29.8
  • HS+ Graduate Rate: 78%
  • City Mill Levy Rate: 3.536


Evans, Colorado

Known as the “Queen City of the Platte” when incorporated in 1869, Evans was the County Seat of Weld County for many years. From a population of around 400 in a true wild west town, Evans has grown to 18,537 residents living in an urban area with a rural feel. For a long time, Evans was the only town in the area to allow liquor and gambling, which made it the center of activity in the area.

Today Evans is a community where our residents have a wide choice of housing, great schools, all the shopping and amenities of a large town, and a great quality of life. With over 300 days of sunshine each year and a full four seasons, many people relocate to Evans to experience the best of northern Colorado.

Residents enjoy over 300 acres of parks and open space (including a dog park), hiking, and biking trails along the river and within the town, easy access to the Denver International Airport, and quick drives south to Denver or west to the Rocky Mountains. A local airport has flights around the country leaving daily, the access to I-25, US 85 and US 34 are only minutes away, and the conveniently located Union Pacific Railroad offers opportunities for shipping and receiving materials. Evans is a wonderful place to raise a family, start a business, and buy a home. Come see us or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you get to know Evans.

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Population 25+ by Educational Attainment – 2016
Total  11,795
   Less than 9th Grade  11.6%
   9th-12th Grade, No Diploma  11.9%
   High School Graduate  24%
   Some College, No Degree  22.7%
   Associate Degree  9.9%
   Bachelor’s Degree  12%
   Graduate/Professional Degree  4.3%

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University Enrollment Fall 2016
   University of Northern Colorado 12,260
   University of Colorado Boulder 30,789
   Colorado State University 33,198





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Key Residential Subdivisions/Home Builders

Median Home Value

The City of Evans is pro-growth and prepared to handle company needs, and will do what can reasonably be done to reduce development/start-up costs of businesses looking to locate or expand. Evans considers each business, commercial, and industrial opportunity on an individual basis.

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For additional information, contact:

City of Evans

1100 37th Street

Evans, CO 80620

Phone: (970) 475-1170