Community Snapshot

  • Population: 101,048
  • Labor Force: 47,764
  • Unemployment Rate: 3.2%
  • Median Home Value: $204,880
  • Median Household Income: $43,866
  • Median Disposable Income: $37,150
  • Per Capita Income: $22,925
  • Median Age: 30.8
  • Diversity Index: 67.5
  • HS+ Graduate Rate: 83.3%
  • Sales Tax Rate: 4.11%
  • Town Mill Levy Rate: 11.274

“Know. Trust. Build. Invest.”

Greeley, Colorado

In 1869, Nathan Meeker, agricultural editor of the New York Tribune, arrived in Colorado to write about going West to farm. His boss, Horace Greeley, encouraged pioneering, so when Meeker proposed the idea of starting a utopian Western colony, Greeley was eager to help organize and promote it. The colony’s name was suggested by John Leavy, who stated that since they were all united in creating a utopian colony, it should be called the Union Colony.

Their guiding principles were temperance, cooperation, agriculture, irrigation, education, faith, home, and family. Set between the Cache La Poudre and the South Platte Rivers for irrigation, halfway between Denver and Cheyenne on the Denver Pacific Railroad, colonists wanted to name the town Meeker, but Mr. Meeker did not favor that. Greeley was chosen instead, and Horace Greeley was delighted. Colonists began arriving in April of 1870. Every Greeley deed stated that no drinking alcohol was to be bought, sold, or consumed. There were several attempts to get around this, but it wasn’t until 1969 that alcohol became legal in Greeley’s city limits.

Greeley and neighboring Evans had personality clashes from the start. Evans was a few months older and allowed saloons to thrive. Meanwhile, Greeley was touting its founding principals, digging irrigation ditches and building fences. Both vied for the county seat. Then in 1877, Weld County Commissioners passed a resolution and obtained an injunction to keep the county seat in Greeley.

Source: Weld County 150, City of Greeley Museums staff, Nancy Lourine Lynch.


Greeley is located 60 miles north of Denver and 60 minutes away from Denver International Airport.

Central Weld County

With a population estimated to reach 188,466 by 2020, this subregion is the most populous of the county. With 62,236 households and an average median disposable income of $47,649, it’s the retail core and offers an attractive mix of lifestyles from medium-sized cities to small rural communities nestled amongst some of the most productive farmland in the country. The average median household income is $58,272, and the average median house value is $205,872. This subregion offers spectacular mountain views and a quality of life with plenty of outdoor recreation, excellent schools, and easy access to two state universities. Developed commercial and industrial sites abound, and the region has seen numerous employers locate or expand, which has produced a vibrant, growing business sector. The region has excellent east/west access via Colorado Highway 14 and U.S. Highway 34, which connect to Interstate 25 and Interstate 76. U.S. Highway 85 provides north/south access, connecting to Interstate 70 in Denver and Interstate 80 in Wyoming. Main/short line rail access is ample, and Denver International Airport is about an hour away.


Major Highway Access

North/South demand: U.S. Highway 85

East/West demand: U.S. Highway 34


Denver International Airport: Greeley is located approximately 50 miles north of Denver, providing easy access to Denver International Airport within an hour’s driving time. Shuttle services are available 7 days a week from Greeley Shuttle or SuperShuttle.

Greeley/Weld County Airport: The Greeley-Weld County Airport’s 10,000-foot main runway, modern terminal building, and on-site aviation/jet services are capable of handling all private and business aviation needs.

Local Transportation Options

Greeley-Evans Transit (GET): Fixed and paratransit services available, as well as university class shuttles. School-age children ride free with a student ID.

SmartTrips: Regional carpool matching and VanGo commuter van service.

Car Rental: Rental car companies include Enterprise, Hertz, and several local companies.

Taxi Service: Taxi companies include Yellow Cab and SmartRides.

Population 25+ by Educational Attainment, 2015
Total 58,080
Less than 9th Grade 7.7%
9th-12th Grade, No Diploma 9.0%
High School Graduate 24.6%
Some College, No Degree 24.0%
Associate Degree 8.0%
Bachelor’s Degree 17.0%
Graduate/Professional Degree 9.7%
Greeley/Evans School District 6 Statistics
Elementary Schools
Centennial Elementary 636
Dos Rios Elementary 559
Heiman Elementary 715
Jackson Elementary 464
Madison Elementary 505
Maplewood Elementary 597
Martinez Elementary 575
McAuliffe Elementary 502
Meeker Elementary 505
Monfort Elementary 481
Scott Elementary 494
Shawsheen Elementary 396
Union Colony Elementary 438
Winograd (K-8) Elementary 699
Middle Schools
Brentwood Middle School  438
Franklin Middle School  650
Heath Middle School  740
Prairie Middle School  757
High Schools
Greeley Central High School  1,413
Greeley West High School  1,574
Jefferson High School  435
Northridge High School  1,181
K-8 Schools
Bella Romero Academy  1,039
Chappelow K-8 Megnet School  687
Frontier Charter Academy  1,597
Salida Del Sol Academy  706
University Schools  1,784
West Ridge Academy  233
Greeley/Evans 6 School District
Average Teacher Salary $48,026.41
Average Student/Teacher Ratio 19.32/1
Community College Enrollment
   Aims Community College
        All Campus Locations 5,001
   Front Range Community College
        Larimer County Campus 8,061
University Enrollment
   University of Northern Colorado 12,216
   Colorado State University 32,236

Key Home Builders

  • Journey Homes
  • Baessler Homes
  • Horizon view Homes

Key Residential Subdivisions

  • Boomerang Ranch (10th Street at 80th Avenue
  • St. Michaels (29th Street and 71st Avenue)
  • Homestead Heights (23rd street at 72nd Avenue)
  • Fox Run (18th Street and 60th Avenue)
Median Home Value


Key Retailers

  • Home Depot
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Lowes
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • JC Penney’s
  • Sears
  • Kohl’s
  • Ross
  • King Soopers
  • Safeway
  • Sam’s Club
  • Best Buy
  • PetSmart

Key Traffic Counts

  • Centerplace:
    (N & S) U.S. Highway 34 – 33,500
    (E & W) 47th Avenue – 21,500
  • University District Canal Shops:
    (N & S) 16th Street – 13,250
    (E & W) 8th Avenue – 14,500
  • 10th Street:
    (N & S) 35th Avenue – 17,000
    (E & W) 10th Street – 26,000
  • Downtown:
    (N & S) 10th Avenue – 12,000
    (E & W) 9th Street – 5,000

Unique Needs/Opportunities


The City of Greeley’s Economic Development Department strives to increase the community’s overall well-being by promoting economic vitality. This includes a focus on retention, expansion and attraction of primary businesses, promoting job growth and new business creation, and working with local and regional partners to preserve and enhance a superior quality-of-life.

For additional information, contact:

City of Greeley

Chadwick Howell
City of Greeley
1100 10th Street, Suite 201
Greeley, CO 80631

Phone: 970-350-9380