Community Snapshot

  • Population: 151
  • Number of Households: 68 
  • Median Household Income: $59,124
  • Median Home Value: $312,500
  • Per Capita Income: $27,100
  • Diversity Index: 32.2
  • Sales Tax Rate: 4%
  • Unemployment Rate: 1.4%
  • Labor Force: 
  • Median Disposable Income: $50,000 
  • Median Age: 42.8
  • High School Graduation Rate:  92.4%
  • Town Mill Levy Rate:19.286

Grover, Colorado

Grover is a classic eastern-Colorado grassland community. Located about 90 miles northeast of Denver, the small town features open spaces and ranches spread far and wide.

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Population 25+ by Educational Attainment 2016
Total  103
   Less than 9th Grade  2.9%
   9th-12th Grade, No Diploma  3.9%
   High School Graduate  21.4%
   Some College, No Degree  31.3%
   Associate Degree  10.7%
   Bachelor’s Degree  20.4%
   Graduate/Professional Degree  4.9%

University Enrollment Fall 2016
   University of Northern Colorado 12,260
   University of Colorado Boulder 30,789
   Colorado State University 33,198

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