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8308 Colorado Blvd | Ste. 200 |
Firestone | CO | 80504
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Welcome to Frederick! We are a vibrant and growing community along the Front Range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains that strives to preserve our small town feel and community togetherness as we grow. We are happy to have you as a part of our community if you call Frederick home. If you are new to our community, we encourage your interest and invite you to learn by clicking on our website link to the right.

Recent growth has occurred rapidly in Frederick and the Carbon Valley, which generally aligns with the job and population growth experienced in recent decades across Colorado and the Mountain West. Frederick is emerging as a sought-after residential community that features a high quality-of-life and local businesses that serve town residents, attracting an increasing number of Boulder and Denver area commuters. Nevertheless, agricultural activities maintain a visible presence in the community, which contributes to its local character and charm.

The Town of Frederick’s slogan is “Built on What Matters,” and reflects the unyielding commitment of local residents to their community. This slogan was developed after substantial flooding impacted Frederick in 2013. Despite the community suffering costly property damage, residents banded together to persevere through the aftermath of the flood and began rebuilding Frederick. The new brand and logo reflect the pioneering spirit that continues to be a foundation in Frederick where the life you dream is yours to create. Community members in Frederick know that their voice makes a difference and that they continue to have an active role in creating a community they can be proud to call home. The community’s response to the flood disaster and the Town’s brand show that even as Frederick develops and grows, the community values its small-town and self-reliant local culture.

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