Colorado’s EZ program provides state income tax credits to encourage businesses to locate/expand in economically distressed areas of the state. Pre-certified companies that locate or expand within the select Weld County communities and physical boundaries of the EZ are eligible to earn a variety of state income tax credits.

EZ State Income Tax Credits

Businesses operating within the boundaries of the EZ map can receive various state income tax credits for equipment investment, new employees, job training, R&D, vacant building rehab, and more. To qualify, businesses must obtain a pre-certification each year prior to engaging in an activity they intend to claim a credit on.

EZ State Income Tax Summary

Investment Tax Credits
     Equipment Credit 3% of eligible equipment purchases
     Commercial Vehicle Credit 1.5% of eligible commercial vehicle purchases
Business Facility New Employee Credits
     New Employee Credit $1,100 per eligible new employee hired
     Ag Processing Credit $500 add’l per eligible employee hired
     Health Insurance Credit $1,000 add’l per eligible employee hired first 2 years in EZ
Job Training Investment Tax Credit 12% of qualified training expenses
R&D Activities Tax Credit 3% of increased R&D expenditures
Vacant Building Rehab Tax Credit 25% of eligible rehab expenditures (hard costs)
Approved Contribution Project Credit 25% of cash contribution/12.5% of in-kind contribution

Earn EZ Program Tax Credits

Confirm EZ Location

Download the EZ Income Tax Credit Guide and determine if your location is within the boundaries of the Enterprise Zone. Click an option below to search an address or view boundaries by city.

Weld Enterprise Zone Interactive Map

Search an address, latitude/longitude, Section/Township/Range, API number and more.

Colorado Interactive EZ Map

View state-wide EZ map and more program information.

Become Pre-Certified

Businesses MUST obtain pre-certification each year prior to engaging in an activity they intend to claim a credit on. Companies can pre-certify up to 3 months prior to the start of the upcoming tax year and pre-certification is not retro-active to the beginning of the tax year. Become pre-certified by visiting the OEDIT link below.

Apply for Pre-Certification

Credit Certification

Certification applications are to be completed after the conclusion of the tax year, but prior to submitting your tax return to the CO Department of Revenue. In order to certify for EZ tax credits, you must have an approved Pre‐Certification. Download the guide and complete your certification by visiting the OEDIT link below and logging in.

Submit Credit Certification

Weld County Contribution Projects

Any tax paying entity (individual or business) can receive a state income tax credit for contributions made to Weld County approved, non-profit projects that help improve conditions within the distressed EZ boundaries, helping to implement the economic development plan for the zone. Contributors to these projects may claim a state income tax credit of 25% of the value of the cash contribution (12.5% for pre-approved in-kind contributions). Contact Upstate Colorado or one of the listed projects below with any questions or to learn about making a contribution.

EZ Program Administrator

Cassidy Stubblefield
Office: 970-356-4565
Direct: 970-909-2892

Cassidy Stubblefield is Upstate Colorado’s Community Support Director and the EZ Administrator for Weld County. Reach out with any questions regarding the program, to confirm your pre-certification or certification, or to submit an application for any Weld County Contribution Project.