Weld County Tax Rates

Colorado ranks 48th among the 50 states in tax revenue compared to personal income. The state ranks 18th in per capita state and local taxes, averaging 5% lower than the national average.

Because of its extensive oil and gas activity, Weld County has been able to maintain a real estate property tax level that is significantly lower than the surrounding areas. This translates into a competitive advantage for businesses.

State Corporate and Personal Income Tax

4.63% of Federal Taxable Income

Inventories, Goods in Transit, and Intangibles

Not taxed in Colorado, and there is no franchise tax.

Property Taxes

The state does not levy a property tax; however, counties throughout the state do. Industrial/commercial property (buildings, land, and equipment) is assessed at 29% of market value (based on a variety of factors). In Weld County, there are 150 tax districts that overlap in a way that creates over 1,522 different tax areas, and therefore mill levies range from approximately 60.000 mills to 148.000 mills. The mill levy represents the dollars levied for each $1,000 of assessed value. For example, with a mill levy of 95.000 mills, the property owner would pay $95.00 for every $1,000 in assessed value.

 Understanding Property Taxes in Colorado

State Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment insurance tax liability is based on the taxable wage base, which is the first $10,000 of each worker’s wage. If covered for the first time, the tax rate will be 1.7% of the wage base or a rate equal to the industry average, whichever is greater. Upon the 3rd and 4th years of coverage, the rate is changed to a computed rate based on the employer’s individual experience.

Retail Sales Tax
2.9% State of Colorado (excluding food)
None Weld County
3.3% City of Greeley (including food)
3-4% Local municipalities (varies)