Community Snapshot

  • Population: 2,325
  • Number of Households: 871
  • Median Household Income: $71,14
  • Per Capita Income: $33,778
  • Median Home Value: $400,993
  • Diversity Index: 64.2
  • Median Age: 36.5
  • Unemployment Rate: 6%
  • Labor Force: 1,174
  • HS+ Graduate Rate: 76%
  • Sales Tax Rate: 3.0%
  • Town Mill Levy Rate: 6.728

“A Unique Little Town”

Ault, Colorado

The Denver Pacific Railroad constructed their tracks from Cheyenne to the location known as present-day Ault on November 11, 1869. The rail siding was named McCallister, after a railroad official. In the 1880s, it became a cattle-shipping point for the nearby Wyatt Brothers Ranch. After the railroad master, Burghdorf was killed at the crossing, the siding was renamed Burghdorf. In 1898, it was renamed Ault to honor a mule and grain buyer, Alexander Ault, who bought wheat in difficult times, saving many local farmers from bankruptcy. The town of Ault was incorporated in 1904 and is located at the intersection of U.S. Highway 85 and Colorado Highway 14 with ranching and farming as its core resources. Ault was the site of a sugar beet dump for the Eaton Sugar Factory between 1913 and 1985. The letters in “AULT” were used as a branding acronym to keep the town name memorable: “A Unique Little Town.”

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Source: Weld County 150, City of Greeley Museums staff, Nancy Lourine Lynch.