Market Snapshot

  • Population: 13,574
  • Number of Households: 4,467
  • Median Household Income: $62,303
  • Per Capita Income: $24,754
  • Median Home Value: $233,090
  • Diversity Index: 73.6
  • Median Age: 34.6
  • Unemployment Rate: 2.7%
  • Labor Force: 6,637
  • Sales Tax Rate: 4.0%
  • HS+ Graduate Rate: 78.2%
  • Town Mill Levy Rate: 34.293

“Come Paint Your Future With Us”

Fort Lupton, Colorado

In Indian Territory in 1836, a fur trading post built with adobe bricks was established by Lancaster Lupton. He first named his trading post-Fort Lancaster and then renamed it Fort Lupton circa 1844. Trading with Cheyenne, Arapahoe, and mountain men, the fort was taken over in 1846 by the Bent brothers, owners of Bent’s Fort near present-day La Junta, Colorado. The fur trade was dwindling by the late 1840s, and the fort was abandoned.

Beginning in 1859, the Colorado gold rush brought settlers to the South Platte River Valley. Some settled near where the remains of Lupton’s fort stood. In 1861, the Town of Fort Lupton’s first post office was established, and irrigation ditches were constructed, watering dozens of farms. Fort Lupton maintained a stagecoach station until 1870 when it was superseded by the railroad. In 1879, William G. Winbourn persuaded railroad representatives to extend a sidetrack to the center of his land that included old Fort Lupton. In 1881, Winbourn established the town of Fort Lupton by the railroad sidetrack a mile south of the original fort.

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Source: Weld County 150, City of Greeley Museums staff, Nancy Lourine Lynch.


Fort Lupton is positioned to grow very rapidly due to its location at the intersection of U.S. Highway 85 and Colorado Highway 52, two major highways in southern Weld County. Fort Lupton is near Denver International Airport, Interstate 25, and Interstate 76, with Union Pacific railway in the city. Transportation for goods and services is quick and efficient in and around the city. Fort Lupton is halfway between Denver and Greeley and near Boulder to the west. Fort Lupton is in the center of a major oil boom, so major oil-related businesses have already based their Colorado operations in our city, and more will be coming.

South Weld County

With a population estimated to reach 82,435 by 2020, the southern region of Weld County has experienced some of its fastest growth recently. Offering an attractive small town/rural quality of life with abundant new homes, excellent schools, and majestic mountain views, the region is strategically located just north of metro Denver and east of Boulder, which has fueled booming residential growth. With 23,764 households who have an average median disposable income of $55,028, the region is poised to see continued growth. The average median household income is $68,011, the average median home value is $243,539, and the subregion offers a wide range of educational opportunities, sports venues, and recreation. Commercial and industrial sites are available, and large tracts of undeveloped land provide the opportunity for future growth. East/west access is provided by Colorado Highway 52, which connects to Interstate 76 and Interstate 25. North/south access is provided by Interstate 25 and U.S. Highway 85, which connects to Interstate 70 in Denver and Interstate 80 in Wyoming. Denver International Airport is 20-30 minutes away.

Major Highway Access

North/South demand: Interstate 25 and U.S. Highway 85
East/West demand: Interstate 76 and Colorado Highway 52

Population 25+ by Educational Attainment, 2016
Total 4,561
Less than 9th Grade 18%
9th-12th Grade, No Diploma 9.5%
High School Graduate 27.9%
Some College, No Degree 19.1%
Associate Degree 7.3%
Bachelor’s Degree 6.6%
Graduate/Professional Degree 3.7%
Weld County RE-8 School District Statistics
Butler Elementary 583
Twombly Elementary 575
Fort Lupton Middle 487
Fort Lupton High School 602
Average Teacher Salary, Fall 2014 $45,679
Average Student/Teacher Ratio 16.5/1
Community College Enrollment Fall 2016
   Aims Community College
        All Campus Locations 7,107
University Enrollment Fall 2016
   University of Northern Colorado 12,260

Key Residential Subdivisions/Home Builders

  • Appel Farms (Custom Homes)
  • Coyote Creek (DR Horton)

Median Sales Price (Sears Real Estate)

Key Retailers

  • Safeway
  • Ace Hardware
  • O’Reilys Auto Parts

Key Traffic Counts

  • U.S. Highway 85 & Colorado Highway 52 = 21,000 on 85 and 13,000 on 52
  • Denver Ave & Colorado Highway 52 = 12,000
  • Rollie & Colorado Highway 52 = 11,000

Unique Needs/Opportunities

  • Dry cleaner
  • Furniture store
  • Clothing goods/shoe store
  • Sporting goods
  • Farm store/mercantile
  • Banks/financial institutions
  • Family restaurants
  • Motels/hotels
  • Thrift store (Arc, Goodwill)
  • Florist
  • Breakfast restaurant
  • Cell providers
  • Key retailers

The City of Fort Lupton is pro-growth and prepared to handle company needs, and will do what can reasonably be done to reduce development/start-up costs of businesses looking to locate or expand.

For additional information, contact:

Claud Hanes
Ph: (303) 857-6694, Ext. 119