Agilent Technologies Expansion

We are excited to share that Agilent Technologies has announced an expansion to their state-of-the-art facility in the Town of Frederick, Weld County, Colorado. This significant expansion will double Agilent’s manufacturing capacity of therapeutic nucleic acids and result in a $725 million investment. To support this growth, 160 new jobs will be created, with average wages over $100,000/year. “Agilent’s expansion reinforces the confidence businesses have in the competitive advantages of Weld County and Northern Colorado,” said Mike Freeman, the Chair of the Weld County Commissioners. “They join a growing list of companies choosing the region for its talented workforce, business-friendly environment, and demonstrated regional support. Agilent’s continued investment in the region not only expands an already successful business, but creates quality, high paying jobs and contributes to our thriving business community in Northern Colorado.”

The expansion of Agilent technologies marks one of the most significant bioscience investments in Weld County. Agilent has had a facility in Boulder since 2006 and they established an additional operation in Frederick in 2018 to expand capacity in Colorado. Including the company’s initial location in Frederick, this expansion will mark a total investment of almost $1 billion by Agilent in Weld County, solidifying Agilent’s commitment and presence in Colorado. “Projects like this display the strong partnerships that have been established at the county and local levels,” remarked Bill Meier, Board Chair of Upstate Colorado Economic Development. “The relationship that Agilent Technologies has developed with the Town of Frederick and our network of local partners was key to the success of this impactful expansion of the Northern Colorado bioscience concentration. It made all the difference in achieving success in a complex process. We’re excited to build on this momentum and look forward to Agilent’s continued contribution to the regional economy.”

“Agilent’s presence in Colorado is an important element of our focus on supporting high-growth businesses and the customers we serve,” said Mike McMullen, Agilent president and CEO. “The resources, talent and support we have in the state have helped and will continue to help us achieve our long-term growth objectives. We’re very pleased to be expanding our manufacturing operations in Fredrick and look forward to continuing our role as a positive force in the community.”

View Agilent’s Press Release

Tracie Crites, Mayor, states, “We continue to prioritize Economic vitality by bringing businesses of all sizes to our Town. We are honored that Agilent recognized the talent pipeline and solid infrastructure offered in the Town of Frederick. We congratulate Agilent for their success and celebrate that they are continuing to choose Frederick!”

View the Town of Frederick’s Press Release

View the State of Colorado’s Press Release

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