Continued Expansion Reaffirms Colorado Premium’s Commitment To Greeley

By May 8, 2024News

Greeley, CO – May 8, 2024 – Founded in 1998 by former Con-Agra/Monfort executive Kevin LaFleur, Colorado Premium has been headquartered in Greeley, Colorado for more than 25 years. Colorado Premium is a value-added manufacturer of high-quality beef, pork, chicken, and other proteins in sous vide, portioned, marinated, and ground formats. The company is committed to worker and food safety, employing state-of-the-art food safety interventions.

Colorado Premium’s uncompromising dedication to safety, quality and customer service has forged long-term relationships with nationally known foodservice operators, retailers, chain restaurants, and subscription food services. They are a committed partner to their customers, reliably delivering high-quality meats in a tailored format to meet their specific requirements and at a competitive cost.

Colorado Premium Chief Executive Officer, Dan LaFleur observed that, “Our home base of operations has always been the City of Greeley, so when we need additional manufacturing space to support our retail, restaurant chain and institutional customers, we chose Greeley.”

Colorado Premium’s current headquarters and its main production facility are located at 2035 2nd Avenue in Greeley, with another production plant and a cold storage facility operating in Denver. Collectively these sites employ more than 700 full-time workers.

In addition to its existing Greeley-based manufacturing facility and corporate offices, Colorado Premium opened a new manufacturing plant located on a 20-acre site at 2400 West 29th Street in Greeley on February 14, 2024. This is the third production facility that Colorado Premium operates in Colorado. The “CP-29th Street” facility specializes in fully cooked sous vide proteins. The new 175,000-square-foot facility will employ up to 275 workers as it moves through a four-phase startup. The site also offers ample space for future expansion as projected growth is realized.

“Sous vide cooking has increased in popularity as restaurant operators seek to consistently deliver high-quality, great tasting products at scale with less reliance on backhouse labor,” noted LaFleur.

Recognizing Colorado Premium’s growth potential, the company was acquired by Kainos Capital from Dallas, TX earlier this year. Kainos Capital is a middle-market private equity firm whose strategy is to build a diversified portfolio of growing and strategically relevant food and consumer businesses. Colorado Premium will continue to operate as an independent portfolio company but will be able to leverage Kainos’ extensive investment and operating experience in the food and consumer products and services sectors.

Chief Operating Officer, Darren Benson observed that “Colorado Premium already had an aggressive growth strategy and an excellent reputation for quality with our customers and our Kainos Capital partners have resources and technical expertise that allow us to accelerate our growth plans.”

Colorado Premium customers depend on the value-added, high-quality beef, pork, chicken, and other proteins which are produced in custom portioned, marinated, and ground formats. The CP-29th Street site’s expanded sous vide operations increase Colorado Premium’s capabilities around the production of commercial volumes of all protein types, including processes for searing, par frying, and sous vide cooking.

“By providing our customers multiple options to satisfy their needs, we have already seen interest in expanding their product mix,” says the company’s Chief Revenue Officer, Zack Henderson, “and we are seeing new customers approaching us for their protein solutions.”

“Our leadership team is unchanged, and we have been blessed with an exceptional team of productions and support team members” observed Dan LaFleur. “As our customers develop innovative product options that meet the evolving culinary preferences of their consumers, we know our total workforce supports the effort” LaFleur noted. Continuing on, LaFleur observed that “Greeley continues to be a wonderful place to live and do business, and we are thrilled to expand our operating footprint in Greeley.”

Greeley’s Mayor, John Gates shared, “I am thrilled to welcome this expansion, which not only brings jobs to our residents but also contributes to our city’s diverse economic landscape. Their business aligns well with the agricultural foundations of this community and will transform the former Kmart store into a new, vibrant business location. Not only does this expansion bring growth and opportunity to our city, it also creates 100 new full-time jobs, enriching our community’s economic landscape. Colorado Premium’s investment in Greeley speaks volumes about our supportive business environment and dedicated workforce. We congratulate them on this exciting venture and look forward to the prosperity they’ll bring to our city.”

“The expansion of Colorado Premium in Greeley marks the growth of a Weld County company as well as the enhancement of our food processing and manufacturing sector,” said Kevin Ross, Chair of the Weld County Commissioners. “This progress showcases the partnership between Colorado Premium, the City of Greeley, and Weld County, reflecting our collective commitment to building a brighter future for our community and fostering an environment conducive to business expansion, in turn enhancing the region’s prosperity. We are proud to support endeavors like this that enhance our local economy and generate opportunities for our community members.”

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