The Future for Bright Futures

By May 6, 2021News

Upstate Colorado brought the Bright Futures program to life in 2017 with support from Weld County and the Weld County Trust. The goal in creating the program was to provide temporary support, administration, and marketing to get the scholarship program up and running. Bright Futures continues to provide tuition assistance to high school graduates, GED recipients, and Honorably Discharged Veterans who wish to pursue post-secondary education or training from accredited higher education institutions or certified training programs. To date, the program has served nearly 4,000 students and provided $14.6M supporting student success.

Upstate is excited to share the news of transitioning the Bright Futures program to the Weld Trust and the Northern Colorado Medical Center Foundation as it further aligns with the workforce needs in our region. It’s the perfect next step as the program grows and solidifies its objective of supporting Weld County students for decades to come.

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