UNC Innovation Talks: New Tech in Farming & Food

By February 4, 2022News

You’re invited to attend the University of Northern Colorado Innovation Talk: New Tech in Farming and Food


 When: Feb 9th at 3 PM MST to 5 PM 

Where: Multipurpose Hall in UNC Campus Commons, 1051 22nd St, Greeley, CO 80639 or attend via Zoom.

Attend In-person: RSVP for parking pass: https://www.meetup.com/greeley-weld-startup/events/282962797/

Attend Online: RSVP for Zoom meeting link: https://www.meetup.com/greeley-weld-startup/events/283335456/ 

Meetup Agenda 

30 minutes – Mingle with light food and drinks
10 minutes – Welcome and opening remarks by Dean Sher Gibbs, Monfort College of Business
5 minutes – Introduction/announcements. Phil McCready, City of Greeley/Greeley-Weld Startup
10 minutes – Entrepreneurship 101. Product development specialists, Eric Fitzsimons of CNE Creative
10 minutes – Fastpitch by Michael Lolley, Chief Executive Officer at Insecticycle
15 minutes – Keynote by Jason Suntych, COO/Co-Founder of Xiant Technologies
40 minutes – Entrepreneurship agrifood tech. Moderated discussion by Dallas Everhart, Executive Professor at MCB 

Entrepreneurship discussion panelists: 

  • Jason Suntych, COO/Co-Founder of Xiant Technologies
  • Eric Fitzsimons, Product Design & Development Lead at CNE Creative
  • Michael Lolley, Chief Executive Officer at Insecticycle
  • Dr. Ajay Jha, CEO/Founder of Innop Global 
  • Dixon Dick, Co-Executive Director of CoSolve
  • Eric Gostenik, Vice President Operations of FarmBox Foods 
  • Philip McCready, City of Greeley Economic Health and Housing  

Thinking like an Entrepreneur 

Share your ideas on entrepreneurial success in growing and attracting the agrifood tech industries of the future. 

  • What drives you in life and as an entrepreneur? 
  • How do you define value creation for your customers? 
  • How do you measure, manage, and evaluate your value to customers? 
  • Do you believe you can make a difference in the world through agrifood tech? 
  • What is the most valuable insight(s) you’ve taken from successful entrepreneurs? 
  • What are the top things you’ve learned in your journey of starting a business? 
  • What is the most important mindset an agrifood entrepreneur should nurture?
  • What is the most important skill an entrepreneur should master?
  • What key advice would you offer to young agtech entrepreneurs starting today?
  • How can we support the Greeley-Weld region as a competitive agrifood tech hub? 

Event Hosts & Contact

Philip McCready, PhD
City of Greeley | Economic Development Manager
(970) 397-3440

Isaac Wanasika
Monfort College of Business | Chair and Professor of Strategy Management Department
(970) 351-1882


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